A Pacific Northwest purveyor of gourmet foods, Olivers specializes in pickled garlic and olives. If you’re into “pickled stuff”, you’ve come to the right place! Our “cold packed” process insures that everything is crispy and crunchy. If you like pickled veggies, we have pickled asparagus, green beans and okra too!

After making all this pickled goodness, it seemed only natural to produce Bloody Mary Mix and Dirty Martini Olive Juice. Turns out that crisp, tasty condiments and premium, all natural cocktail mixes compliment one another deliciously. So whether enjoying as a healthy snack or a premium condiment for your favorite cocktail, Olivers Gourmet has you covered.

Want to try some? Check us out at an event near you. We offer free samples of all our products at farmers markets, festivals and bazaars throughout the Northwest. You can also find us at a variety of local retail stores. We ship as well, so we’d love to send some to your home. Questions? Feel free to contact us anytime at (360) 977-1440 or visit the pages here to order or locate an upcoming event to see us in person.

We’d really like to send out a special thanks to all our regular customers who show up every year at a show or market, tell their friends about us, keep us stocked in their refrigerators at all times and promote our brand in so many ways. We wouldn’t exist without you all. Thanks, as well, to our retail partners: the produce stores, liquor stores, tasting rooms, sporting goods stores, convenience stores and grocery stores that stock Olivers Gourmet products. We’re enjoying the growth we share. Finally, thanks to you for visiting this site! Hope to see you soon.