Margarita Mix

All-natural, locally made with a tons of flavor, your Margaritas will taste home-made using Oliver’s Margarita Mix. Using the best ingredients and perfectly balanced recipe, just add your tequila of choice for the perfect margarita.

Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

All-natural, locally made and thick with a ton of flavor, your Bloody Marys will taste home-made using Oliver’s most popular product. You can taste and see the Sicilian Pickled Garlic and Pickled Asparagus we use. Try it in meatloaf, meat balls, red beer, and to make your tomato-based dishes pop with flavor.

Dirty Martini Olive Juice

Pure, filtered, clarified brine from our olives, we make this for the dirty martini lover who no longer has to drain their olive jar to make their favorite cocktail. You can also use it in cooking for a salty/savory addition to any dish.

Garlic Stuffed Olives

Garlic Stuffed Olives

We hand stuff this one with our Plain Pickled Garlic for a wonderfully crispy and surprisingly mild flavor. The taste is mostly salty olive, as the garlic inside provides the crunch for texture and the numerous health benefits of our uncooked garlic.

Almond Stuffed Olives

Another vermouth brined olive that is great in martinis, our almond olive is hand stuffed with an uncooked almond for a crisp, firm texture.

Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olives

Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olives

Natural bleu cheese hand stuffed into our Sicilian-style olives. Cured in a special brine that includes basil, oregano, red chili peppers and chopped garlic.

Anchovy Stuffed Olives

Anchovy Stuffed Olives

We import the best anchovy stuffed olives from Spain and cure them in a premium brine. Even folks who don’t normally eat anchovies love the combination of this tiny, buttery olive with Mediterranean anchovies.

Pickled Asparagus

Hand packed raw into the jar, with a bit of red chili, garlic and turmeric for a slight spice, this crispy asparagus tastes like it’s straight out of the garden.